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What is the Regional Ideathon 2020?

Since April 2020, UNDP, in partnership with General Secretariat for the Supreme Council of Planning and Development (GSSCPD) and other national stakeholders launched #Q8vsCovid19 Hackathon Series to introduce innovative solutions to Covid-19 related challenges. The Regional Ideathon is the 2nd in the Hackathon series, focusing on the Arab region. Throughout the event, participants will have access to support through workshops, coaches and mentoring.

What is the theme of Regional Ideathon 2020?

The Regional Ideathon's central theme focuses on innovative solutions in relation to the public sector to enhance efficiency and productivity in our "new normal".

What is the eligibility crtieria?

The Ideathon is open to all participants living in Arab States. Teams should comprise of 3-7 participants, with at least one member working in the public sector and one member being a citizen of an Arab state.

How will the Ideathon take place?

To ensure the safety of all, this year's Ideathon will be held virtually through digital means. The Ideathon will be held using Zoom and Slack.

When can I register?

Registration is open from September 6th 2020 and closes September 12th 2020.

Can I choose my coach?

No, coaches will be assigned by the organizers. However, your team may seek out additional mentoring for other coaches not assigned to you. Due the large scale of the Ideathon, coaching capacity is limited. Therefore, those who register early will have a better chance in being assigned a coach by the organisers. Teams that register after we reach the limit of our coaching capacity will have to seek guidance from the already assigned coaches. But this will be subject to mutual agreement between the coach on the time required by the team.

Who are the coaches?

Coaches participating make up a multidisciplinary team, consisting of advisors from various backgrounds, ranging from innovation advisors, business administration, science, and public administration.

How are solutions evaluated?

Project submissions will be in PowerPoint format based on a predefined template. Participants should consider the selection criteria and the use of visuals, diagrams and videos are encouraged. Judges will then evaluate each presentation based on a pre-defined evaluation grid

How can we submit our solution?

Submissions will be done via a submission form that will open at the end of the Ideathon.

Who are the panel of judges?

The panel of judges is made up of experts in different sectors from the region. To ensure fair and just evaluation, the identity of the judges are confidential.

What are the Ideathon awards?

Three teams will be awarded: 1st winning team will receive a cash prize of USD $15,000, 2nd winning team USD $10,000, and 3rd winning team USD $7,000.